Serendipity Clarke



Hello There!

I'm Serendipity Clarke, aspiring author. This website is dedicated not to me, but to my stories.

Currently, I am working both on the first novel of a trilogy and the first novella of a series. I hope you'll take some time to read them and share your opinions. I'm very open to criticism.

The stories themselves, as well as some poetry, can be found on the "Written Material" Tab. The "News" tab will tell you the progress I have both on stories and on this website. The "Forums" tab is where I invite you to share your opinions on my stories, poetry, and on my work in general. If you would rather contact me personally, see the emails listed on the "Contact" tab.

Feel free to have a look around.

NOTE: I am currently re-writing most of my work as I realized the main characters were either shallow or dull... it may take a while for me to catch up to my previous number of chapters....